( THE SIBERIAN )




E' the result of one natural selection between the Wild Cat of the Forests and the carried Domestic Cat in Siberian Russia from some Colonist in their wander, happened around to Year 1000.
Rigid the Climatic Conditions much of this earth for the survival, they have rendered this Magnificent Cat a Fort, Resistant and Astute Hunter, with a WATER REPELLENT, (according to studies it carries out to you in the USA, it does not provoke the classic Allergic Reactions in particularly Sensitive Subjects), I polish, with the thicker Cute that allows one better BodilyThermoregulations.
It was employed from the same peasants like Natural Animal from Guard in the campaign houses.
Some Russian and German investigators, they think that the Cat Siberian (Siberian Cat) has been one of the first Cats to Long Hair to the World and that it is the progenitor of Breeds
today Selected; between these: the Angora, the Maine Coon, the Van Turk, the Norwegian; all Breeds from the Natural and Wild Origins (without the human participation), you develop yourselves in Natural Atmospheres.
However, to find information in Russia is enough difficult; although the fact that the Siberian is the Natural and National Breed of Russia; its ubiquity has not granted to it of worthy being of famous in the Russian Literature; the enormous one of the Russia joins to this extended that includes enormous distances, diversity, ethnic and cultural, we have a Cat that seems difficult to standardize in the same country from which it comes.
News of the existence of the Siberian Cat goes back to the 1700 to one first Feline Extension, and still in 1871 in England.
From one testimony written in 1925, law of a "Sturdy Large Red Cat and from the Long Hair
   coming from the Caucasus "          and other again....

Exited from the native single Siberia in 1990, it insufficient is diffused. This Fabulous breed has been recognized beyond that from the Clubs and the Federations of the Soviet Union, also from the Acfa, from the WCF, from the F.I.F.e. in 1997, from the T.I.C.A. in 1998 and still from many independent Associations, that release regularly the Pedigree and accepts their participation to the Exposures for the Championship. For the class multicolor February 2000 was accepted from the 6 CFA.
In spite of the popularity the Siberian is extremely rare in the United States. The greater part of the Breeders has long lists of attended for their Pussy.
In Europe, Little are the Countries in which find Breedings of Siberian Cats. In Italy the little Breedings are exclusively of Families in which the Siberian Cat, Siberian cat is the KING or the Queen of the house and the love that she receives come equally reciprocated with affection, one lets to love as only it knows to make, large it is its vitality, the joy is to you next, he is aware of being the BEST CAT IN ABSOLUTE with its advanced intelligence to the average and with one great participation to the familiar life, it is found well ovunque because part of the family is felt.
Its Expression Makes them and Sweet, the bearing, Cautious and Bold; it has an Affectionate Character, always much present, the "Master" chooses he, to which tying itself, habitually one person of the family in which she lives and to reserves a Special Cure.
E' a Strong Cat, extremely agile: the Cat Male has one Exceptional Musculature, Vigorous, Ready and Powerful truly Excellent, Great loving Hunter of the water and the life to the open air; the Cat Female is normally lighter, more housewife,both are loving of the game and the toy,rarely I am not able to bring them where you find yourself to do him them to relaunch. The Siberian does not have fear of the water.
The Breed is extremely slow in the development until to 5 years, it can catch up from the 7/9 chili the Male and the 4/6 kilo the Female; in some cases if Castrated it can catch up the 10 kilos (is preferable not to make it, if not in situations of extreme necessity, perhaps.................).

(In a night of August a single it sees to fall a star and it expresses a desire: "fairy fairy, it makes that I become one prince and My Cat a prince"-Toc... Toc... and the fairy in a flash fullfill desire of the woman.
She, happiest it embraces the prince intensely:"my beloved, we will be happy, we will turn the world and we will make the love all the nights for the rest of our life ".
The prince:"my beloved, they are desolated, it forgets when You castrated to me.

Its average life is around to the 15 years, affectionate and loving companion of Games with the Children.

Ransom: medium-large, the 7/9 the Male hung around to kg and Female 4/6 kg.
It has the long back with arch back, that it appears horizontal when the Cat moves.
The thorax is rounded off, it makes us of convex Vigorous Muscles on the life that are developed with the age, the ventre it is round compact, The Legs are round, Massive and much Powerful, the posterior ones when they are held spread, they are lightly
longer of the front ones, with Abundant Forelocks of Hair between the fingers in order not to sink in the Snow.
The expression of the snout, from the roundish contours, It is Much Cake, with eyes great and orecchie of medium largeness very distanced, with tips rounded off to the inside Tuft di Hair; the Splendid Tail is thick, Long and Streamlined.
Head: very proportionate regarding the Body, a rounded off not much, wide the high part of the head is flat.
Forehead lightly bent.
Rounded off snout, moderately along.
Wide nose between the eyes that are shrunk towards its extremity, showing one light curving.
Chin very developed does not have to be protuberant.
The zygoma deep they are emphasizes to you from Sturdy Cheeks adorned from Moustaches (VIBRISSAE) long and strong.
The Neck is Massive very Muscled.
Ears: of medium Ransom, they are wide to the base, far between they, Short hairs on the back of the long ears to the inside "Hair of Lincean", that is forelocks of Hair that exit from the auricular pavilions.
Eyes: Large, lightly ovals and round off to you on the inferior side, it situates to you in oblique and very placed far lightly from the other of color from the green to the golden amber, they assume various tonalities (blue in the COLORPOINT)

, but they must in any case be equal between they.

Tail: the Length must arrive more or less until the scapula, Wide, sturdy to the base in order to become streamlined and Rounded off towards the Tip.
The Hairs are relatively Long in all the seasons.
Cape: Along or SEMI-LONG, Driven in and Impermeable abundant with Thick Under-Hair
Water repellent, on the Shoulders and the low part of the Thorax it is Often less long.
Abundant Mane around to the Head.
The Under-hair in the Adult Cats with the cold is more ago Warm Thick reduce when; along under abdomen, in the Collar, on the Chest and the Tail, on the Cape then there are Shining and longer Hairs; on sides of the body the Hair is Soft and Thick. (the Hair of the Siberian does not provoke ALLERGIES not even in the Particularly Sensitive Persons).
The Feet are Large and Round, with Long and abundant Forelocks of Hair between the Fingers.
Skeleton and Musculature Solid and Powerful
Average life: 15 years

The defects of the body can be:

Square body/ posterior evidently higher too much slender on Legs too much low on legsLegs Too much Snelle/ small feet Absence of Forelocks of hair between the fingers Thin neck andor long Tight snout and pointed/ Long legs muchToo much light adults.

The defects of the head can be:

Straight profile shape similar to that one of a Persian (Never..)/ Pronounced Stop triangular shape Cheeks lean/chin escaping squared snout Rear jaw

The defects of the Eyes can be:

too much small eyes Round Eyes Eyes too much Orientals eyes too much drawn near grooved eyes Eyes Learnvarious color from those admitted.

The defects of the Ears can be:

too much large ears placed too much in high too much tightened to the base Straight Bearing
too much rear on the head lack of forelocks of hair to the inside.

The Defects of the Tail can be:

too much long tail/ too much short tail/ Insufficient Fur/ Fur little Thick.

The Defects of the Fur can be:

Greasy fur on all the body/ Under-hair Sparse/ Too much Soft fur

(We consider that before every official acknowledgment the Color Classic always has been the Red Striped (tabby mackerel) and Brown/ black classic)

All the colors are recognized except Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn.

The recognized Classic Coloration has the Solid Colors (Red, Black and Turtle) its Diluted Colors are (blue, cream and blucrema) cosi also for variety SILVER and SMOKE.

The ColorPoint Subject is said "Neva Masquerade", in the Colorpoint
  it is difficult to distinguish the Tabby design Classic (blotched) from that Tigree (Mackerel).

The multicolor it can be with or without White man in every Part of the Body, without a precise distribution therefore, like for Other Breed.

A particular appreciation to the Bearers of the Gold Gene (Exceptional Colorations yelloworange golden on the Stripes Mackerel of the Cape.

Weddings Authorize To You:

Siberian x siberian.

Siberians x Neva masquerade.

Neva masq. x Neva masq.

The choice

The Siberian can enter in Expo (Show and Exposures), with whichever Variation of color,our choice for a Kitten will not be conditions from the choice of the Coloration or its Distribution on the Cape. In Italy, difficultly Unicolore Siberians find themselves, above all of Tonality White woman andor Eyes of Various Color between they, even if it can turn out, Beautiful and It originates them.

A factor select important  for the choice of the Kitten is the Rarity, in fact, a lot of tonalities of mantle result original and therefore difficult to find, it doesn't need then, to forget that the rarity of a Sample therefore a Cat endowed with Beautiful Hair or of a particular Gene, makes to lift the Price of the Pup. The Siberianis of the quality Neva Mascarade o ColorPoint whose principal characteristics, are the Darkest Patch on the Face, Ears, Legs, Feet and Tail, while, the rest of the Body has Tonality egg White that varies from the Grey Silver, Sand, Cream. The Blue Eyes Categorically and his/her Variant. To the birth the Pup Siberian Neva Masquarade is always born White.


The Cat Siberian reaches the Physical Maturity to 4-5 even if to one year it is already able to Reproduce. The Female has to have 9/10 Months of Age for a complete Maturation to the Procreation, she is Recommended to Wait however that the 12 Months of Age has completed before making to Join her/it. The hard Pregnancy around 2 months and they have Been born since 3 to the 6 Pups. The Female Cat doesn't usually need help during the Birth, she is well however to guard her/it during the Suffering and the Birth, to be able to be present in case of necessity. A Veterinary Visit from the 40/50 day of Pregnancy is always opportune. The Pups open the Eyes in the first week of Life and for about 3-4 weeks they nourish him some Maternal Milk. Around the month of Life, they will Be weaned with Specific Food stuff. Hardly the Kitten are able him to go out of the Berth, they must have approached and with small Caresses it is had to begin to make to understand to be their friends. They can succeed this way to  accustom in living with us " human beings..... ".