The SIBERIAN CAT is the Feline that does not create Allergy?

The SIBERIAN CAT is a Nonallergenic Feline?

I will try to be short possible "but, the history that the hair of the Cat............ . The triggering factors are the dandruff and the saliva of the Animal deposited on the Hair during its every day cleaning.
The allergies to the Cats are frequent, in any case more of the canine allergies.
The persons prudent Asthmatics must be how much are to contact with the Animals.
Then, there are the allergic persons to the cat and only to this. Sure persons are allergic to all the Animals from Fur, because they are Allergic to their Hairs. 90% of the allergic persons "to the cat" must be known that, they are because of it spittle that the tongue deposits on the fur
when ago its bath.
The allergy is caused from a Fel D1 that is found again in spittle, in the urine and the hormonal and sebacee glands of the cat, producing therefore, drying up itself on the Hair, of the smallest particles, similar to the Dandruff  but, so very small that once aspired from an Allergic person provoke to the closing of the bronchial culverts and therefore rebelling of respiratory problems, like Asthma or simple persistent colds.
The histamine in the blood exceeds the danger level, the first crises can be manifested in dissimilar way from an individual to the other (in individuals "Genetically" predisposed and
coming from from families with history of present Allergies in others members). The eyes weep, the sneeze they are repeated in more and more fast way, Urticarias and symptoms can appear Asthmatics. 
If the symptoms are light and sporadic some Antihistaminic Tablet it can resolve the situation.
All the Cats possess this protein, no Cat is "not-allergic" for the men but, a Cat exists that of it possesses less of the others and therefore sure sweethearts of the Cats, Allergic to this protein, they could try to possess of one.
Wrong E' to assert of being Allergic to the "Hair of the Cat". The Siberian through the little studies and the several testimonies produces little of this Proteina(Fel D1) and therefore does
not produce those particles of spittle that they cause the Allergy in the man.
The Allergy does not depend on the Hair of the Cat, therefore it does not have importance that the Cat has or less the long or Short Hair or is knot, like the Sphinx (said Sfinge the Cat knot), or to short hair, like devon the Rex, not ago to diminish the risks of allergies because we have seen where finds this protein.the causes are from searching in the production of this Protein and the Siberian, consequently a Nonallergenic Cat can define itself.
For knowing if the Siberian Cat possessed less than other Fel D1, they have been carries out you of the tests in laboratory in the United States, thanks to Linda Tartof (member of one Association......); which has sended of the "Exemplary of Hairs collected in the brush..."of different Cats, different sex and different breed It turns out to you have been that the scientists have stated that the Siberian Cat, little protein Fel D1 possesses a lot. Also, the percentage is found modified if the Cat is entire, Castrated, Male or Female. Instead, any is its Color, that does not have importance, the Neva Masquerade or the Colorpoint, Siberians have the same values of the others Pussy.
Sure Allergic persons to the Cat are Happy for having a Feline.the Siberian Cat..., even if in some allergic reaction persists one in the cat but, this creed has had to the Purity of the Siberian Breed (more the Cat is than pure race, little protein possesses) for being of pure breed must be, even if been born in Italy in an Italian Breeding, son of two coming from cats from Russia that have a Pedigree of single Russian Siberian Cats.(It is a lot important that the Breeding to which you address is a serious Breeding and Diffidate from who proposes you cats of whichever breed is, to decidedly inferior prices to those of market; certainly is: sons of unexpected crossings, cats not in the standard of the breed, or crossings with........ Attention therefore to the Pedigree must bring back Son of....RUSSIAN... RUSSIAN... this is obviously a council and you are free to act as you want; speeches with the breeder, you ask he council and if she is a serious person will explain to you all and....... a little one of reduction in price ve it will practice it equally; at least, I make therefore).
For this reason, they have directly gone in Russia to Moscow and Saint Petersburg to select "SIBIRISCHE CAT", in the best and SURER Breedings, in order to avoid that the crossings succeeded to you can carry to the increase of the Protein that is cause of Allergy.
For direct testimony I can say that in my family nobody has allergy problems, only the wife of my son is sensitive to the Allergy from "Cat."also caress it has not still given them signs of annoyance.
For that they have one greater persistence to the problem, we have uncovered in these days that exist many possibilities and I am in possession of all the material that you want in regard to
the new finds again doctors or techniques to you against the allergy, that date the exiguity of the space to disposition is not in a position to publishing but, if sended one demand email to me, you I can supply all the documentations and the indications to care, for the solution of your case, and I will make it a lot gladly.
"What would not be made for our friends of Pussy the Siberians.................."
Miaooo. Germano.