The births of the Kittens happen between March and October, if you want to adopt Kitten booking are necessary.

 Our breeding.

Ours it is a small amatorial breeding and our cats live in family, take cure with to their mother, of their health and their increase for a healthy weaning, therefore, if you want  to choose a Siberian Cat! Female or Male not to have problems, we you will help with all the necessary information, we will be able to decide but, careful he is always he or she to decide which he will be its become attached friend with which living. , careful councils for grows well, sturdy and if you will want, we will continue to having with you a relationship of friendly confidence, the guarantee of an aid anytime, for the good of the kitten.

To the kitten, after the vermicide for the worm and vaccination,  comes issue a certification from our veterinary of confidence (Dr. Cusaro Stefano) certification veterinary with the sanitary booklet, with you will verify all the necessary documentation that comprises beyond to sanitary documents; The Transfer of property, the Pedigree with the name of the new owner, released from the Italian Federation Feline Associations of the W.C.F., Microchip for the Universal reading (obligatory for the expatriation and the Passport).

WE do not sterilize nobody of our Siberian Kittens !.

Today, in our breeding, never genetic diseases have not been found;

the Siberian Cat is one of the breed more healthy of it and more strong is selected itself alone in natural way.

Booking of a Siberian Kitten? How to make?

You can send one email or copy this example from the outlined line.


 Date of the reservation

the undersigned I confirm the booking for the adoption of siberian kitten breed of  breeding ANUSIA birth Spring  / Autumn.

Sex M/F



I will not send no amount in money.

I will come informed to the birth for the visit of the kittens

Take a vision of the kitten to adopt and only at that moment, I will pour a symbolic account of euro and me the property transfer will come intestate.

At the moment of the adoption, with the balance of the stipulate one, they will come delivered to me certifys sanitary and all to you the documentation of the kitten (pedigree, microchip and definitive transfer).

Eventual expenses of transport and/or shipment will be of the buyer.

This document will not engage to me until to the moment in which after the choice of the kitten, I will not underwrite with the breeder an adoption contract.

This document serves exclusively the breeder in order to know my preferences and in order to safeguard my rights on the date for the list of the bookings.

 For correctness, if, after to have been informed of the birth and to have taken agreements for to see the kitten, if is not more than my interest the booking, and if I do not send or I communicate such decision; 8 days from mine lacked warning passed, the breeder will be free to pass to a successive booking and I will lose the acquired rights.

Therefore in the wait of one your email of acceptance of the booking.............. (you can add to yours notes or demand ulterior information).

the Mr.........................................

e-mail................................                   tel.....................................

To this point after to have copied the part of the sample you can klick on the copied part, update your data and to send.

There are much pleasing one for your collaboration. Germano.